personal concierge services



TEE team work to support and be there for our members, as we understand how busy their lives can be. Our membership packages are bespoke to each member, we are on-hand for your needs and take charge of your daily or weekly tasks that take up your valued time.

Lifestyle Management

We are devoted to catering to every request, it doesn’t matter how big or how small it is, the TEE team are always happy to help. We research and recommend places to visit, hotels, activities, art galleries, networking events, flights, yacht charters or the best beach to visit on your next destination. We carefully select each recommendation to enhance our members experiences and of their loved ones, so that they can enjoy every moment.


From securing bookings a sought-after restaurants, organising events, getting access to VIP events, organising your business trips and a 5 star holiday to remember. The TEE team take care of all the specifics and technicalities, so that you, our members, can get on with your busy life and enjoy it fully.

Exclusive Experiences

Our devotion to bringing meaningful and exclusive experiences to our members lives is second to none. Our team will personalise and create whatever our members desire. From an amazing adventure to an unforgettable private party.




Every member is welcomed in and treated as family, so we go above and beyond to meet your expectations. The TEE team is devoted to developing and building a trusted relationship with our members, so that we can gain a better understanding of your individual needs, likes and dislikes, and your goals. This is so that every recommendation we make is customised to your lifestyle.