“Is my Start-Up company actually ready to receive funding?”

If more Start-Ups asked themselves this question before looking into getting funded, they would save the trouble of major disasters. Without proof of concept in your business, it is 97% guaranteed that the venture will drown before you get the ground running.

Don’t worry, we made it super easy to review if it’s right for you!

We have compiled a quick question checklist to ask yourself:

  • ✨ Is my entire business currently profitable?

  • ✨ Do I have proven track record of experience or revenue?

  • ✨ Do I have the next 3-5 year trajectory in place?

  • ✨ Am I confident in the business plan that includes expansion details?

  • ✨ What role do I want my potential investors to play in the business?

  • ✨ Have I tried to bootstrap my business before meeting investor demands?

  • ✨ Does my brand, team, and all affiliated parties represent me well?

  • ✨ How much control do I want to have in the company?

Hmmm… suddenly seeking venture funding doesn’t sound like such a walk in the park, does it? We’re not trying to sound dramatic, but when you involve other people to make powerful decisions and invest in your idea — there are so many factors to take into consideration.

If you intend to take and invest other people’s money to “play” with, you better make sure that your equity dilution, rapid growth, and the pressure to maximize the rate of return is your #1 priority.


We have seen first-hand how seed funding for startups has rapidly evolved in just a few years’ time. Especially in the FinTech and Real Estate industry. There’s actually many macro-evolutions, you won’t be able to keep up with the maturity of tech in real time!

✅ The good thing about that though is there is more capital reserves start-ups can tap into! Cool, right?

However, without the proper and extensive investment prep, your access to these resources will be slim. There are start-ups out there who are capable of building faster and for a lot less.

This means there’s a ton of serial entrepreneurs that are in direct competition with you for seed funding.

So, what now? How do you stand out from the noise?

✅ You apply to The Ella Experience’s “6 month start up seed series” that is open enrolment for qualified companies that have successfully launched a business and looking for the additional support to expand.We are enrolling only 6 companies from our waiting list! We will focus intensely to build their business, brand, company profile, generate massive sales and media attention, social media positioning, investment opportunity, and make it market/investor ready by beginning of 2020!

If you are in the following stages:

  • Pitch Prepping

  • Pre-production

  • Bootstrapping

  • Profitable 

  • Expansion


You’ll be ready to fast track your way at full market domination by building a venture fund-able business. In this 6 month start-up series, you will rapidly grow and increase your financial projections/inventory.

Why is this important?

Investors invest in things that have PROVEN success rate. If you don´t have any or very little, over the next 6 months, we will completely facelift your investment opportunity to make it far more attractive.

💉There’s nothing wrong with a little “business botox.”

Here’s what 6 Start-Ups will look forward to:

✨ 6X Virtual Monthly Workshops (€15,000 value) 
✨ 2X In Person “Investor Pitch Prep” Workshop in Palma de Mallorca, Spain or:
✨ 2X Two-hour Skype Intensive (€3,700 value) 
✨ Checklist, How To’s, & Investor Guide PDFs (€37)
✨ 1:1 Business Evaluation (€500 value) 
✨ Potential ROI Assessment (€500 value)
✨ Investor Financial Analysis (€1500 value)
✨ Investor Introduction & Mentoring (€20,000 value) 
✨ Product Offering Positioning (€250 value)
✨Social Media Development & Authority (€5,000 value)
✨ Pitch Deck Preparation & Prep - *BONUS GIFT*

Within TEE’s incubator, your investment opportunity will be completely bulletproof and investment ready to market.

Additionally, all 6 companies’ opportunities will be introduced to all of The Ella Experience’s personal private investor circle that has invested over €1.1MM in Start-Up funding just in the last 12 months alone!

Imagine your company just 6 months from now having at an opportunity to present and pitch to them directly.

Our “6 Month Start Up Seed Series” is interviewing high potential startup companies and their Founders starting September 15th through October 1st to gain access to an internal €15MM Investor Funding Pool. We will call you directly on your preferred line or email you with a Zoom link as an invitation to enroll. If you do not hear from us within 24 hours, please accept our apologies due to the high volume of inquiries. We are prioritizing those who will be a qualified fit for our Start-Up Series.

Who do these start-up spots belong to?

• FinTech projects

• Land Development

• Social Media Agencies

• Luxury Real Estate

• Sports Corporate Sponsorships

• Yacht and Private Jet Buyouts

We look to partner in and support funding to companies ideally in North America, Western Europe, and Middle East.

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